Noticed fat in weird places – Whitney Danielle

Noticed fat in weird places

When I started doing work as a consultant and a traveling contractor, I quickly became the popular traveling queen. I was flying in to one airport, relaxing in another, attending a fancy black tie gala in the Northeast, then on the beach drinking kombucha the following weekend. It was amazing. I love traveling and always have and renting cars and fancy hotels and per diems can be super fun. The problem I’ve noticed though, is around eating regularly, eating well, and eating clean. I find I didn’t take my vitamins regularly when I was on the road, I found it difficult to drink anything but coffee in the morning, and I drank some kind of alcohol almost every night while at fancy dinners with colleagues and management. I’m not one to overeat, but I am one to eat what I want, when I want, based on mood, availability and location. I love breakfast food and I love sleeping in- which doesn’t make a ton of sense, especially when I would tend to eat breakfast during lunch hours. I one time I noticed my waistline was getting bigger was when I went to Old Navy to buy jeans around Black Friday. “Oh… okay… I guess I need the next size up.” Then one day when I was in the office, I noticed that when I would walk from the parking structure to the other side of the huge office building I worked in on client site (fully dressed in winter clothes and carrying a 10lb purse and computer bag) that I would sweat a teeny bit and feel it on my back, but not on my actual back but more so under and behind and down from my armpit- the sweat would be in between a small half roll that happened when I relaxed my arms down at my side. What the hell is this? I’ve never had backfat before. Is this even really back fat? I mean it’s not a reverse muffin top, it only goes halfway around my side, but how and when did it get there and when did I turn into this negligent person that I never noticed until right now? It was then that I slowly decided I needed to get a handle (pun intended) on my eating, drinking, and travel adventures. Things needed to change. Right now. It finally hit me that all of my nights gallivanting all over the US in beautiful, high end restaurants, lounges, hotels and bars were taking a toll. The rich food, the booze, the carbs, the sugar, the jet lag, and the lack of exercise were not looking great on me and I needed to slow it down and speed up my metabolism, and clean up my everyday self-care routine. Going through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program opened my eyes to the many ways weight gain can occur and the options I had to lower my BMI and raise my self-confidence back to the average-slim self-confident glowing gal I’d always been before. Now all I have to worry about is what gate my next flight is leaving from.

Have you ever noticed fat in weird places? Your neck? Your back? Your stomach or no thigh gap? Have you ever thought about when and WHY those pesky formations showed up in the first place? Like really thought about it? I challenge you to do it without beating yourself up or crying for 3 days in disappointment and sorrow, and just looking back and saying “Yep, the people at Cinnabon/Coldstone/Clyde’s know me by name” and/or “I haven’t done a squat or felt sweat from non-sexual activities¬†in 2 years”. Noticing the problem can sometimes help figure out the best solution for fixing it. Start walking… Start a food journal… Start making your portions smaller… Stop going to buffets and overeating… Stop having 3 martinis 5x a week… Stop ordering 60 baskets of bread at dinner and smothering it in butter. These are suggestions may not be for everyone, and I’m exaggerating a bit here because you would be surprised at the crazy things you can do and not notice because you do them all of the time and just don’t pay close attention. That changes today. Let me know what you end up finding. #nojudgement Together we can demolish fat and feel sexier.

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  1. Whitney Danielle, hilarious. And, believe me, I’m laughing with you, uncontrollably. I can so relate.

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