Had first date butterflies – Whitney Danielle

Had first date butterflies

I recently went on an amazing first date with a new guy. I know what you may be thinking: he picked me up in an Uber Black car and was patiently waiting for me outside my place with roses in hand, the door open whilst smelling and looking like a sexy GQ model. Yeah, not quite. These days I don’t even like people to know where I live, let alone pick me up #securityissues. Due to the fact that he was an online prospect, which I very begrudgingly got back in to when my Mother arranging my marriage (per my request) didn’t seem too promising, I met him at our agreed upon location. Of course I was late, and he was too- which was nice, because I didn’t have to feel guilty. We went to a new “urban” winery that makes their wine in house, from grapes local to San Diego and some parts of Temecula without barrels. It was really, really nice. We did a tasting flight of our choosing and talked about music, celebrity gossip and our crazy dating stories from the past. Turns out- he’s dated an ex-gangbanger too.. #whoops. After wine tasting we went over to one of my favorite bars in town and had a cocktail and some cheesecake. He got the same drink I did and loved it- he just seemed so innocent and quiet it intrigued me so much I couldn’t stop smiling. He loves comic books and Batman and Googles everything. His favorite artist of all time is Prince and he doesn’t like skinny bitches (yes!). He enjoys sports, but isn’t annoying about it (as of the time of this writing) and he looks like a sexy basketball player. Sorry guys, but I don’t have a lot of downsides to this one and I am totally shocked and surprised with it being my first online date in ages. Sure there are some small things we could tweak like opening the car door and bringing me gorgeous flowers, and his leather pants, but overall it was one of my favorite online dates to boot.

Have you ever had that experience where you felt sheer promise, hope and intrigue? Where the world didn’t seem to piss on your parade or leave you hanging or disappointed? If you’re currently in a relationship – do you remember the time before you were “serious” or “official”? What did that feel like? How can you bring those kind of butterflies back into your everyday? I challenge you to do something fun and exciting and random with your partner this week and see how that rush feels. I triple dog dare you. And if you’re single and amazing, think of the butterflies you want to feel or the ones you’ve felt before that you’ve been trying to feel again and envision it so thoroughly that your cheeks flush and you become a giggling 16 year old again. Look for those experiences in your love lives and hold on to them so you can revisit them from time to time and feel a little tingly in all the right places. #doit and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear some stories.