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30 Things I’m Grateful For

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I have been on this planet for 30 years and I wanted to give you a very special preview into my personal life and tell you about 30 products and items that I feel like my life just wouldn’t be the same without.

I am SO thankful for coming across these things and I hope you are inspired to learn more about epic beauty and wellness products!

Here is a running list of the 30 items and one reason why I love each of them:

1. Medigong app (free on your cell phones!) – I use this when I want to sit in silence during my meditation and hear the beautiful sound of a gong at the start and finish of my meditation time.
2. My journal! – I have no shame in admitting that I a complete sucker for a beautiful, handy-dandy notebook to write out all of my Whitney Feels.
3. My calendar – This was such a fun buy because the decoration aspect helped me enjoy scheduling and planning my day manually vs on my phone or via an app.
4. My Louise Hay Affirmations calendar: hayhouse.com – My family and I have used these for years and look forward to it each day. Very inexpensive gift to give yourself or someone else.

5. My oil diffuser (I got that one off of Amazon: ) – This one isn’t fancy but does everything you need and is perfect for on the go as it is durable and lightweight.

6. My essential oils (I love doTerra, hmu if you want some) – You all know I love my essential oils. Some of my favorite blends are Elevation, Balance and Serenity. I can send you samples of stuff too- check out the site 1st and see what you like.
7. My Indian incense- www.Amazon.com
8. Bath Salts! with essential oils, of course. Hit Amazon to find some good ones- or your local health store.

9. My Gaiam yoga mat – This mat has given me so much joy to look at and lay on and practice on. #blessup
10. My yoga mat cleaner: Kathy’s House – A good mat is hard to find, but a clean one can be too. Not with this stuff… it’s great.

11. My BellaBeat fitness tracker – This was a fun gift that I gave my damn self. I wear it and it’s a great conversation starter as well as an epic fitness tracker.
12. My orange resistance bands! – Lightweight and durable so it’s perfect for on the go strength training. #getitgurl

13. My Oral-B electric toothbrush – Still a newbie to the electric toothbrush game, but I’m digging it so far and already feel like I’m going to get an A on my next dentist visit.

14. Handmade soaps (the one in the video is from Hollister Hand Soap: ) – The smells and the feels of a handmade soap is divine to me. Oh how I love a good crafted body soap.
15. My handmade Body Balm by Just A Few Things in San Diego: – This company is phenomenal and I am a true fan through and through. My fave body balm so far is the Moonlight Path scent.
16. My hand cream lotion by African Black Soap – C.R.E.A.M.Y. (Cream rules everything around me, yas!)
17. My Toms Anti-plaque toothpaste – I have tried all of their toothpastes and love them all about the same; this is my flavor of the moment.
18. My Tom’s all Natural Deodorant – This summer was tough trying to find a totally natural deodorant, but this ended up being my winner (for now!).
19. My facewash/acne lotion: OmBotanicals (- I met the family that runs this business and I adored them. What an amazing product this has been for me, my confidence and my well-being.
20. EarlHealy’s Rose Geranium HydroSoul ( – I feel like a QUEEN when I spray this on my face. I freshly kissed and freshly cleaned QUEEN. So worth it.
21. Gabriel Organic’s Sea Hydrating Mask – This man is a God-send and such a sweet soul. His products are addictive in the best way and my skin loves him for it.
22. My bathbath bombs – This is easy, I love soaking and will try just about any bath bombs but I like the all natural ones.

23. My leave-in conditioner by Shea Moisture: – I like this brand a lot and what they represent. I use their shampoo and conditioner too!
24. My Tarte Mascara: – I am not huge into makeup.. but when I wear it.. I only wear Tarte!
25. My Tarte eyeliner – I like both the squeeze eyeliner and the clay one. They both require the use of brushes, but it comes with it and as long as you don’t lose it or break it, you’re golden.

26. JuicePlus Vitamins! (Hmu if you want to try them) They seriously changed the vitamin game for me. I can have samples sent to you if you wanna try them out. Just let me know.
27. Evian water – Hydration is necessary, what can I say?

28. My Aloha protein powder: Great company, great product. I am so happy and proud of them for soaring so high in the protein world. Lots of love for Aloha.
Vanilla Protein Powder
29. My Garden of Life protein powder: This powder is great in my smoothies. I will do more videos on my epic smoothie game soon. #staytuned
30. My beautiful, noise-canceling Bose headphones – Shout out to my Dad for getting my hooked to some of the best headphones of my life thus far.

Check out the vlog on my YouTube channel to see everything in person.